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Ridley Scott returns to direct new Blade Runner movie


Widely regarded as one of the most influential films ever made, let alone how monumental it was/is to the science-fiction genre, Ridley Scott’s Blade Runner (1982) is a classic.  For instance, Christopher Nolan calls it one of his top ten favorite movies of all time and one that repeatedly influences his own work.  For years people wondered and debated if it would ever have a sequel, prequel, or God forbid a remake.  Given its iconic status, many have sharply criticized or at least questioned the value and necessity of doing so.  Nonetheless, after years of speculation, audiences will finally have a new Blade Runner film in the near future.

Legendary director Ridley Scott has officially signed on to helm the new Blade Runner film, one that will be “wholly original.”  Currently, Harrison Ford, star of the original sci-fi classic, is not likely to return as one of the studio heads has stated “This is a total reinvention, and in my mind that means doing everything fresh, including casting.”  Scott seems to be in follow-up mode as he currently works on the highly anticipated Alien (1979) “prequel” Prometheus due out on June 8, 2012 (more on that film can be found HERE).  Production is likely to begin in 2013, allowing for a 2014 release it seems.

If you’ve never seen the original film, it’s worth a viewing.  However, it seems to have reached an overrated status, as many viewers today may feel underwhelmed by it considering its massive praise.  The synopsis to that film is below:

In 2019, humans have genetically engineered Replicants, which are essentially humans who are designed for labor and entertainment purposes. They are illegal on earth, and if they make it to our planet they are to be hunted down and killed.

Deckard, a blade runner, has to track down and terminate 4 Replicants who hijacked a ship in space and have returned to earth seeking their maker.  They have a built-in life span of only four-years, but are close to their end(s). Although Deckard hunts them to the end, the replicants end up teaching the detached Deckard what it really means to be human.


Also, half for information-sake and half for entertainment/comedic-sake, check out the original theatrical trailer for the 1982 film below.




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