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Welcome to The Modern Allegory!

Here you will find reviews of some of the latest theatrical releases as well as a few other notable films released in the past.  Important news and box-office reports will be posted as well as several editorial articles, unique lists, such as Monthly Watch Lists, Best/Worst of —, and featured polls. Feel free to discuss and debate any of the posts or polls.

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I love films. I have a deep passion for films and filmmaking. Thus, I wish to express it through film reviews, unique lists, editorials, featured polls, links to movie-news, and more.

My blog’s title refers to the “Allegory of the Cave” written by Greek philosopher Plato in his work The Republic. Many individuals have noted parallels between Plato’s Cave and the modern movie theater. I agree with many of the parallels, so I decided to make “The Modern Allegory” my title.


Please bear with me as I continue to establish this site. I hope you will find my site enjoyable, informative, rewarding, or useful. Comments and debate are welcome!





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